Social Drama Method

Reflections: monitoring of children, play, talk about their inner thoughts. Professor of theatre and the freezing of a character in the shoulder, speak their thoughts or feelings in the drama. Thinking that the action detects it slows to a stop, you can allow children to reflect on the events and determines which characters are feeling at a given moment in the teatro-mayo or may not reflect what he said out loud. Direct your questions also can lead to the answer - is particularly useful with young children. (1) all children have similar, as roles of children during a visit to the Zoo. social drama method See an elephant, who is injured, and the teacher asked them to describe how they feel that they are in the range to find the elephant at the Zoo. (2) with the whole class works as Goldilocks, imitate their tour by Professor visits forest home of the bear, which blocks the action of each loop or wonder if they know that it hurts and why you feel should be on the track. (3) in the middle of a game of a mining disaster, miners in the country in a position to say what they feel, how to create an image in the top of the mine, waiting for news. .